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About Us

We are a construction company utilizing new technology and old school values to provide a quality product while putting our customers first.

Zebra Construction, Inc
Why Zebra Construction?

Zebra Construction Inc, is owned by General Contractor, Michelle Durey and Kevin Fanta. They have extensive experience in the business of retrofitting with close to 100 projects completed for other companies and have formed Zebra Construction, Inc to provide a service that puts the customer and their tenants first. Both Kevin and Michelle have experience in property management and know how important a safe job site is.

At the end of the day, Zebra is just a name, but it is memorable just like your experience will be with our company.


Michelle Durey, CEO & Kevin Fanta, President


Michelle Durey, CEO
Michelle Durey

Michelle grew up on a Farm in Iowa and learned the value of hard work and integrity. She grew up building with her father before going to college for design.  She quit her job in Corporate America 8 years ago to return to her roots in Construction. She received a certificate in residential construction and has her General Contractor B License. Customers appreciate her knowledge, and her ability to help them understand the process and feel comfortable with their decisions.  Expect Michelle to be quick in responding, dedicated and give full support throughout your projects. She believes Zebra's biggest asset is being able to clearly educate property owners about the process of seismic retrofitting or foundation repair, set realistic expectations and then hopefully exceed expectations set! She says, "We are here to help and hope to hear from you!" 

Kevin Fanta, President
Kevin Fanta

Kevin Fanta was born in a suburb outside of Chicago. He worked in construction during the summer seasons throughout high school & college and worked in property management. After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Business, he moved to California and worked in commercial flooring. Michelle and Kevin met through a mutual college friend and soon after began working at the same company. Kevin's discipline and willingness to work with tenants and owners through potential unknowns in projects makes him a great asset to any project.  He has a good rapport with city inspectors and makes sure everything is done "by the book".

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