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Financing Resources

CalCAP Seismic Safety provides support to financial institutions when they make loans to building owners for seismic safety improvements. At this time, there are no financial institutions that have elected to pre-enroll in CalCAP Seismic Safety.


However, financial institutions can enroll at any time and building owners can ask financial institutions with whom they have a working relationship to enroll. There is a one-page application form for financial institutions, please have your financial institution visit:


Other possible programs are CalCAP for Small Business and CalCAP Collateral Support programs, which allow enrollment of loans made to small businesses for the purposes of building renovation and construction.

A building owner that is a small business can begin their process by using technical support to learn about financing options and how to prepare to apply for capital. 


The California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA) will refer you to small business technical support centers near you for no-cost or low-cost help.


This link is to an online tool with more than 20 languages that can identify a technical support center for you:


If you prefer to view a map of small business technical support centers, use this link:


Small businesses can also obtain technical support from Small Business Development Centers.

The main America’s SBDC California webpage is here:


When a small business is ready to apply for a loan, they apply to a CalCAP participating financial institution using the financial institution’s application process. 

As a small business, you can view the list of financial institutions that participate in those programs at our Participating Financial Institutions webpage:


HOW IT WORKS: CalCAP for Small Business brochure:


CalCAP for Small Business webpage:


HOW IT WORKS: CalCAP Collateral Support brochure:


CalCAP Collateral Support webpage:

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