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Art C.

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Los Angeles, CA



If you must perform a Soft Story Seismic Retrofit for your building, I will strongly recommend you contact Zebra Construction for a consultation and to perform the work. You will not be disappointed. We had the pleasure of working with Michelle, Responsible Managing Officer of Zebra Construction. Our Retrofit was in Los Angeles. I live out of state.

We had the engineering plans and report in-hand when we solicited proposals from four Retrofit contractors. We reviewed and qualified all the proposals. All the contractors had a good understanding of the work scope, and all proposals were cost competitive. However, after an on-site meeting with Michelle to review in detail Zebra’s proposal, work scope, schedule, and to set expectations (Zebra’s and ours). We decided to partner with Zebra Construction even though they were not the lowest cost. We felt that we were willing to invest a little more (less than 3%) for the Zebra’s plan to execute the work, their schedule, and their commitment to safety.

Michelle did an excellent job in keeping us inform on the project status, coordinating with the engineering company, tenants, inspectors, and other third parties involved with the project to get permits, inspections, and complete the work. Our need for involvement other than project status updates was very minimal. We felt very comfortable with Zebra’s performance and quality of the work. We had no calls from tenants or neighbors associated with the work. The work site was kept clean.

Overall, we are very pleased with the retrofit result, Zebra Construction, and their work team. Zebra delivered on performance, met schedule, cost control, quality, no change orders, and a thorough completion package. We are especially thankful to Michelle and her professional work ethic. Michelle’s open and timely communication made it a successful partnership.

As for the little more cost, we feel the investment paid big dividends. We would not hesitate to do any future work with Michelle and Zebra Construction.

Jimmy Q.

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Wilimington, CA



Are you looking for a company that will drag it's feet and draw out every single aspect of your project ??? Well then, Zebra Construction is not for you. Zebra Construction helped us with our mandatory soft story seismic retrofitting for two of our multi-family buildings. Couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. Zebra was professional, and made our two projects painless. My only regret is not contacting them sooner. I would have saved money and time.

George B.

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Los Angeles, CA



Zebra Construction was absolutely wonderful to work with.  We already had approved retrofit plans.  Some retrofit companies refused to use them.  Zebra looked at our plans and gave us one of the lowest bids.  However, looking at the buildings they had already retrofitted, the quality of  Zebra's work was excellent and comparable to the work of other, higher priced retrofit companies.

Our retrofit project required sawing and breaking up concrete in our parking area for a trench 75' long, by 2' wide, by 4' deep.  The trench was then filled with 1" rebar, which then had to be tied into the foundations of existing steel columns and also tied into 3 new steel cantilever columns, which Zebra had to install.  The trench was then filled with concrete.  The finish troweling on the concrete was exceptional, the stucco work was great, as was the finish painting.

Kevin and Michelle kept me informed by both email and phone during the whole project and they were always available, if I had any questions.  

Their crew worked incredibly fast.  They started on Nov 23, 2020 and finished on Jan 8, 2021.  That's only 35 work days, including their taking off for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  Really amazing!

The parking area was kept clean and available for tenant parking at night.  My brother and I can highly recommend Zebra Construction.

Grace A.

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Los Angeles, CA



Zebra Construction gets an enthusiastic 5 star review from my husband and I!  We hired this great company for to do earthquake retrofitting on our 4 unit apartment building.  They gave us a fair, honest and reasonable estimate, started the work quickly and completed it very quickly - in about 5 weeks!  Their work looks great and they have been very easy to work with.

One of the things you want to avoid with a seismic retrofit is having the project go on too long which limits parking for tenants.  Zebra completed our retrofit in record time, so there was minimal parking disruption.  My husband and I have seen buildings in the process of being retrofitted in our neighborhood that have gone on for months and months.  We wanted to avoid that and we certainly did!

We can't praise Zebra enough!  An excellent, professional company that does great work at a reasonable price!

A T.

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Burbank, CA



I have been working with Michelle and Kevin for a while. They really know about their work and provided great service to me and others. 
I recommend this construction company for your future projects.

Ed B.

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West Hollywood, CA



I screwed up by hiring the wrong engineering company thinking they were associated with the city, and after shucking out $7,000 for a screening report, they wanted another $6,000 for plans. 

I met Zebra at the event West Hollywood held. After a few meetings with Michelle and the engineer, I fired the engineering company. Michelle helped me hire an engineer who knew what he was doing and only charged $4,000. The construction was finished a week before the schedule. 

I am not happy to have had to retrofit, but happy that I found Zebra Construction.

Ben B.

5 Stars-01.png

Rohnert Park, CA



I hired an engineer who designed my plans.  Then I met Michelle and Kevin. They gave a quick response and had another engineer redesign the plans and cut the cost of my retrofit in half!  Highly recommended and will definitely be contacting them for my next retrofit.

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