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Soft Story Seismic Retrofitting in Culver City

Is your property on the city's list?

Does it seem like all your neighbors are talking about retrofitting in Culver City? In 2021 the city council adopted new seismic retrofit ordinances that apply to many apartment buildings and accessory dwelling units constructed before 1979. Eliminate the confusion of passing inspection and coordinating your retrofit by working with Zebra Construction, Inc.

Build Safe and Smart with an ADU Contractor Serving Greater Los Angeles

It may be tempting to try and retrofit your ADU as a DIY project, but it might be more intimidating than you expected. We can help you draw up plans and retrofit specifications, present them to the council, and follow up with any changes required by law. Instead of wading through potentially years of bureaucratic red tape, we can do that for you. The result is a one-time retrofit ready to face the next earthquake.

Retrofitting In-Law Homes that Meet and Exceed New Seismic Building Codes

As an experienced and licensed ADU contractor in Los Angeles, we know exactly what to look for when reviewing your in-law bungalow in regard to new seismic ordinances. We work with local engineers to create an affordable retrofit plan that works for you and your family. With diligence, we can help you turn that backyard liability back into a comfortable and safe income stream.

We know that you have lots of questions regarding the new Culver City Seismic Retrofit Ordinance. Give us a call at Zebra Construction, Inc. to schedule a personal inspection and review. As an expert in residential retrofits, we have all your answers and the people needed to complete the project in a timely manner.

Retrofitting Culver CityA Local General Contractor Experienced in Retrofitting Culver City

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