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Follow Michelle Durey as she gives us a tour of this soft story retrofit project in North Hollywood and shows us how Zebra Construction was able to reduce the scope of work by submitting a new engineering plan!

For what reasons would I redesign my soft story retrofit plans?


Redesigning plans for your project can make sense for several reasons:



There are many different engineering solutions to meet the standards of compliance with city ordinances. Some designs can be much more costly to construct than others. Zebra works with several design professionals who specialize in reducing the scope of work for each project and often times can save you money on the full scope of the project.


Often times engineers send inexperienced drafters to draw your building. Many times they don’t notice utilities, existing structural elements, or unique facia that may be costly to deal with in the construction phase. Zebra always makes sure that each possible construction issue Is avoided before the plans are submitted to the city.


Simply put. Some plans are more involved and time consuming to build. Redesigning can often times lessen the impact on the tenants. We make sure the new plans will keep the construction phase to a minimum in both time and tenant disruptions. Tenants almost always will have overnight parking available and a clean and safe place to live.


Peace of mind

How has your experience been with the engineer you hired? Have you had issues with communication, timeliness, or unforeseen charges? The engineer is still involved throughout construction. They attend site visits for structural observations and must be available for potential design changes if the existing conditions don’t match the approved plans. If the engineer does not communicate or show up for site visits, it can lead to problems. Zebra always offers transparent and fixed proposals on soft story projects, we promise no change orders or unexpected charges.    

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Receive a FREE copy of our Soft Story Retrofitting Guide.

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