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Zebra Construction will visit your property fo a visual inspection, which includes the following:

  • Recognition of Exterior Elevated Elements

  • Condition of Exterior Elevated Elements as can be seen with out exploratory demolition

  • Recommendations to reduce owner's liability & Possible insurance premiums

  • Estimate for any repairs which can be seen with out exploratory demolition

  • Estimate/Work Order for installation of Brandguard Fire Rated Inspection Vents

  • Estimate for delivered Senate Bill 721 Report - A credit will be given for initial visit towards report

Zebra Construction is a mandatory reporter. If any element is deemed a threat to the safety of the occupants, then area will be caution taped off to residents, and the local enforcement agency will be notified within 15 days. In the event which this happens, emergency repairs (shoring) should be completed immediately.

A SB721 Consultation from Zebra Construction is not considered an SB721 inspection and no report given from SB721 Consultation shall be deemed sufficient for SB721 law.  No load bearing elements will be exposed during SB721 consultation.

After Zebra Construction's SB721 Consultation:

  • Consultation Report Delivered

    • Recognition of Exterior Elevated Elements​

    • Deficiencies found (based on visual inspection only)

  • Estimate for required repairs & recommended repairs based on visual attributes

  • Work Order for exploratory demolition given to owner

    • Installation of Brandguard Inspection Vents (Can be used for future SB721 inspections!)​

  • Zebra gives revised fixed cost estimate for all repairs once load bearing elements are exposed

  • Owner moves forward with Zebra or another contractor for repairs​

  • Once repairs are completed Zebra Construction issues SB721 Report

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